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    Pennshill is trusted to produce and livestream multi-cam projects for the most prestigious organizations in New England, broadcasting all over the world.

    Our Legacy

    PennsHill has years of experience and proven expertise, along with the network, to fully staff any event no matter how intricate a multicam production or budget dependent. We’ve had the privilege of producing basic streams to large gatherings, broadcasting to thousands of viewers, featuring world renowned figures including Jeff Bezos, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama . Our personable and knowledgeable crews ensure the best quality production for all your needs.

    ​Over 35 years ago, Emmy-winner Jodi Silver broke into the Boston video industry as a DP. Starting Jodi Silver Videography in 1998, that company transformed into PennsHill in 2007, crediting the success of the business by surrounding herself with excellent people. Her vast knowledge of the industry and community makes her the perfect production manager for any project. Still to this day, though, Jodi enjoys being behind the camera whenever possible.

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    Jodi Silver

    Meet the Team

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    Matthew Parola has been producing and directing commercials for over 10 years. His experience on and behind Hollywood sets brings a high level of professionalism and his extensive time on commercials and short films puts him in an excellent position to ensure that every project is both creatively and financially successful.

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    Matt Parola
    Executive Producer

    Ethan has been behind the camera for four years and has been working with Penns Hill for three of those. He has a wide range of experiences in video, making him adept at nearly any role on a production. Along with camera work, he frequently assists Jodi with production logistics and staffing.

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    Ethan Fulton

    Former Director of Member Media at acclaimed NewTV, Mike Sills has been directing and producing for over 13 years in the Boston area. His experiences have taken him all over the country on productions ranging from commercials for major brands to directing with PennsHill for some of the most respected institutions in the Boston area.

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    Mike Sills
    Production Manager

    Marco Tulio is an internationally recognized and award winning director and cinematographer. Within his 9 years of experience in the industry, he has worked on projects spanning from elaborate music videos world wide to large budget commercials. His attention to detail and artistic vision has been a great addition to the Penns Hill team.

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    Marco Tulio
    Director of Photography

    Large portfolio of contractors suitable for any and all production needs your company may have.

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    The scores of people who we work with on each shoot

    Our Clients


    We communicate with the client promptly, advising and gathering all necessary information, to ensure we understand the scope of the production. After scouting the location, we test and prep each piece of equipment consistently providing exceptional production workflows.

    What We Do


    Arrive on time, setup efficiently and excel throughout the process, making sure to give clients the most robust production.


    Deliver the final product in a timely manner, providing any additional post (editing, color, audio, graphics) and embedding support where necessary.

    Our Gear

    4K Event Cameras

    RED Cameras 

    FUJI Lenses

    Wireless Coms

    LED Cine lighting

    Shoeps Microphones

    Lectrosonics Wireless Lavs

    Sachtler Tripods

    Fully Redundant Systems


    Contact Us

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    call: 617.419.0037

    Penns Hill Media
    9 Spring St
    Waltham, MA 02453

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