Our Gear

We have a full complement of production gear, including a number of broadcast quality HD cameras, a variety of lenses to fit various situations, several lighting kits, wired and wireless mics, tripods, and all the other gear necessary to create a top quality product.

Live Production Gear

We have two full, portable video switching set-ups, affectionately referred to as The Little Switcher and The Big Switcher. They are both built into road cases for quick and easy deployment, and are based around Blackmagic Designs ATEM switchers.

Both include the necessary equipment to switch and monitor multiple video & audio sources, and record the resulting switched program. Each is more suited to certain types of events, and we will deploy the one most suitable to your needs.

We can also do real-time encoding / recording which can give you a file suitable for upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video streaming site, immediately at the conclusion of your event.



HD Cameras and Camera Support

  • Canon C300 with Canon L series lenses

  • Panasonic HPX2700 Varicam 

  • Panasonic HPX2000 AVC Intra 

  • Panasonic HPX500

  • Anton Bauer Dionic 90s and Tandem power/charger units, 2702 charger

  • Ample P2 and CF cards for recording

  • 3 Sachter 18s with heavy duty carbon fiber legs

  • Sachtler 14

  • 2 full studio configs for full sized cameras

  • 2 sets O'Connor carbon fiber dolly wheels




  • Panasonic LH1700A HD Monitor

  • Panasonic LH910A HD Monitor



  • PSC 4 Channel portable mixer

  • Sound Devices MixPre 2 Ch. Mixer

  • Mackie 1604 16 channel mixer


  • Sheops MK41 boom mic

  • Sennheiser 416 boom mic

  • 3 Sennheiser ME66 shot gun

  • Lavaliers
  • 3 Sennheiser MKE 2

  • 3 Lectrosonics 411 series (block 21) transmiter/receiver sets

  • 1 Lectrosonics Plug-on

  • Electrovoice RE50


  • Sony MDR 7506 headsets (4)


  • 2 Kino flo Diva 400s

  • Dedolight 3 x 150 watt Kit with Projection attachment with a good selection of  Gobos

  • Dedolight 4 x 100 watt kit with projection attachement and a good selction of gobos

  • Dedolight 3 x 650 watt fresnel kit

  • Source 4 jr. with a good selection of gobos

  • 2 small Chimeras with diffusion and egg crates

  • Flag Kit,  24 x 36" 

  • 8 C-stands

  • Assorted gels and various ND and color correction rolls, Rosco scrim.